Fellows' blogsites

Below is a selection of blogs from Fellows who are currently travelling the world on their Fellowships. Follow the links to read about these Fellows’ latest global findings.


Sue James, a solicitor from London, is travelling to Australia and Canada to investigate new models of legal advice for disadvantaged people. Read Sue's blog

Claire Masterton, a police officer from Midlothian, is travelling in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA to research training for police to improve understanding of autism. Read Claire's blog


Sam Ward-Hardy, a workshop facilitator and musician from County Durham, is travelling in Brazil to research Brazilian carnival arts and their communities. Read Sam's blog


Alec Taylor, from Cardiff, and Marine Governance Programme Manager at WWF, is travelling in Australia, New Zealand the USA to investigate approaches to the protection of marine areas. Read Alec's blog


Isabell MacInnes, a nurse from the Isle of South Uist, Scotland, is be travelling in Canada, France and the USA to investigate strategies for tackling Lyme disease. Read Isabell's blog

Chantelle Tomlinson, a trainee in neonatal medicine from Sheffield, is travelling in Canada and Japan to investigate approaches to improving outcomes for premature babies. Read Chantelle's blog

Karen Leach, a health and social care service manager from Guernsey, is travelling in New Zealand and the USA to study models of health and social care which promote personal purpose and meaning. Read Karen's blog

Michelle Tennyson, an allied health professional from Belfast, is travelling in the USA to research public involvement in shaping health services. Read Michelle's blog

Science and technology

Heidi Gardner, a PhD researcher from Aberdeen, is travelling in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA to explore how scientists can communicate with the public through blogging. Read Heidi's blog