Fellows' blogsites

Below is a selection of blogs from Fellows who are currently travelling the world on their Fellowships. Follow the links to read about these Fellows’ latest findings.

Ella Hancock, a charity worker from Croydon, is travelling in Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA to research affordable social cohousing for young people. Read Ella's blog

Rebecca Walker, a senior environmental specialist from Norwich who will be travelling to South Africa, Canada and the USA to research commercial wildlife watching regulation aimed at protecting marine mammals. Read Rebecca's blog

Hayley Gorton, a researcher and pharmacist from Manchester, is travelling in Canada and the USA to investigate the role of community pharmacies in suicide prevention. Read Hayley's blog

Esther Sample, a charity worker from Tottenham, is travelling in Canada, Finland and Sweden to research secure housing for homeless young women. Read Esther's blog

Sarah Brown, a marine planning manager from Appin, Scotland, is travelling in Canada and the USA to investigate public and stakeholder engagement in marine spatial planning. Read Sarah's blog

Laurelle Brown, from London, and Strategy and Insight Officer at Barnet Council, is travelling in France, Germany, Portugal and Sweden to research foster carer recruitment and training for adolescents with complex needs. Read Laurelle's blog

Aine Graven, a housing association worker from Stockport, is travelling in the USA to explore approaches to developing social economies. Read Aine's blog

Tod Sullivan, a mental health ambassador from Lowestoft, Suffolk, is travelling in the USA to research trauma-informed approaches to supporting good mental health. Read Tod's blog

Samantha Donnellan, a post-doctoral research associate from Liverpool, who will be travelling to South Africa and the USA to investigate new approaches to testing drug treatments for multi-drug resistant TB. Read Samantha's blog

Samantha Jury-Dada, a public sector consultant from London, is travelling in the USA to research support for women and girls affected by gang violence. Read Samantha's blog

Alec Taylor, from Cardiff, and Marine Governance Programme Manager at WWF, is travelling in Australia, New Zealand the USA to investigate approaches to the protection of marine areas. Read Alec's blog

Dr George Julian, from Newton Abbot, a freelance Knowledge Transfer Consultant and special advisor to the Care Quality Commission. She is travelling in Australia, Canada and New Zealand to research approaches to investigating the deaths of learning disabled patients. Read George's blog

Jessica Smith, a health and social care worker from Stockport, is travelling in Sweden, Germany and Italy to explore the role of general practices in supporting refugees and asylum seekers. Read Jessica's blog

David Robinson, a charity Chief Executive from County Durham, is travelling in the USA and Canada to explore new models of income generation for charities. Read David's blog

Chris Bolton, from South Wales, and Good Practice Manager at the Wales Audit Office, is travelling in Spain and the USA to study large-scale cooperatives delivering social good. Read Chris' blog

Sarah Helton, a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teacher from Somerset, is travelling in Denmark, Norway and the USA to investigate best practice in supporting bereaved children who have SEND. Read Sarah's blog

Kate Wyver, a freelance journalist from Balham, is travelling in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and India to study approaches to teaching consent in sex education in schools. Read Kate's blog