Fellows' blogsites

Below is a selection of blogs from Fellows who are currently travelling the world on their Fellowships. Follow the links to read about these Fellows’ latest global findings.


Claire Masterton, a police officer from Midlothian, is travelling in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA to research training for police to improve understanding of autism. Read Claire's blog

Lorna Gledhill, a policy research officer from Leeds, is travelling in Germany, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands to explore housing as a tool for refugee integration. Read Lorna's blog

Elaine Roub, a bereavement care worker from Belfast, is travelling in New Zealand and the USA to study approaches to creating bereavement support communities with refugee children and their families. Read Elaine's blog

Anna Hope, a housing consultant from Bristol, is travelling in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and the Netherlands to explore new models of bidding for land in support of affordable housing. Read Anna's blog


Jacob Willson, a planner and urban designer from London, is travelling in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA to investigate zonal planning and its effect on design quality and affordability of housing. Read Jacob's blog

Katie Surridge, an artist and blacksmith from London, is travelling in Ireland and Japan to study traditional methods of producing iron by smelting ore. Read Katie's blog

Sam Ward-Hardy, a workshop facilitator and musician from County Durham, is travelling in Brazil to research Brazilian carnival arts and their communities. Read Sam's blog


Eifion Williams, a social business advisor from Wrexham, is travelling in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands to investigate co-operatively managed dual currency systems. Read Eifion's blog


Kate Wyver, a freelance journalist from London, is travelling in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and India to study approaches to teaching consent in sex education in schools. Read Kate's blog

Katy Theobald, an education researcher from Camden, is travelling in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to research the development of school leadership equipped for the 21st century. Read Katy's blog


Sarah Brown, a marine planning manager from Appin, Scotland, is travelling in Canada and the USA to investigate public and stakeholder engagement in marine spatial planning. Read Sarah's blog

Pete Boardman, an entomologist from Warrington, is travelling to Namibia and the USA to research the taxonomy, identification, and distribution of African craneflies. Read Pete's blog


Shweta Gidwani, an emergency medicine consultant from London, is travelling in Australia, India and the USA to research wellbeing support for doctors. Read Shweta's blog

Isabell MacInnes, a nurse from the Isle of South Uist, Scotland, is travelling in Canada, France and the USA to investigate strategies for tackling Lyme disease. Read Isabell's blog

Luke Skelton, a psychiatry doctor from London, is travelling in Australia and the USA to explore the impact of the Health Care Homes model on patients' mental health. Read Luke's blog


Samantha Donnellan, a post-doctoral research associate from Liverpool, who will be travelling to South Africa and the USA to investigate new approaches to testing drug treatments for multi-drug resistant TB. Read Samantha's blog