Fellows' Networks

Fellows' networks

As a Churchill Fellow you become part of a unique group of individuals. United by the experience of the Fellowship, you have much to share with each other across a wide range of expertise.

We have two sorts of formal networks that you can join:

  • Our Fellows' Networks are online groups based around specific subjects, enabling collaboration between Fellows. They correlate with our eight universal themes. We also use these networks to share with Fellows any topic-relevant information, funding opportunities and events.
  • Our Regional Associations are well-established local groups across the UK who organise speaker meetings and social events throughout the year. They also help to publicise Fellows' findings and Fellowship applications in their regions.

If you are not already in one of these networks, please get in touch and we will connect you. 

If your field is not yet represented and you’d like to start your own Fellows' Network, or host a one-off event, please see 'Creating a Network'.

Social media

You can also join the conversation on our social media channels. Here we post regular updates and repost Fellows' own :