Fellows' own blogs

You can hear direct from Fellows on their own blog sites:

Children & young people

Michelle Cunningham, a development manager from Leeds, travelled to North America to explore models of good practice for foster carers and colleagues working in children’s home.  This was the springboard to use research-based information through the lens of everyday parenting in its widest sense. Read Michelle’s blog here.

Community & citizenship

Anna Hope, a housing consultant from Bristol, travelled in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and the Netherlands to explore new models of bidding for land in support of affordable housing. Read Anna's blog

Graham Ord, a charity worker and veteran from Sunderland, travelled in the USA to investigate how joint commissioning can help to combat homelessness. Read Graham's blog

Economy & enterprise

Julia Slay, from London, and Assistant Director of Communities and Social Policy at the Greater London Authority (GLA), travelled in Australia, Canada and the USA to investigate the role of anchor institutions - organisations based in a city or region indefinitely - in tackling social and economic disadvantage. Read Julia's blog

Joanna Heywood, from London, and Relationships Director at social impact investor Big Society Capital, travelled in Bolivia and Peru to explore how community-owned food businesses can be successfully scaled up for public benefit. Read Joanna's blog

Environment & resources

Dr Keri Langridge, a conservation worker from the Scottish Highlands, travelled to France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Switzerland to study approaches to preventing cross-breeding between wildcats and domestic cats. She will use her findings to inform efforts to reintroduce wildcats to Scotland. Read Keri's blog

Katherine Walsh, an environmental specialist from Nantwich, Cheshire, travelled in Germany and Switzerland to assess approaches to lynx and wildcat reintroduction. Read Katherine's blog

Health & wellbeing

Naomi Watkins, a counsellor and domestic abuse consultant from Lincoln, travelled in Australia and New Zealand to research suicide prevention programmes for children and young people. Read Naomi's blog

Sangeeta Mahajan, a mental health activist and educator from London, will travel to Australia and the USA to explore coordinated suicide prevention strategies involving collaborations between health and social care providers. Sangeeta, who lost her own son to suicide, will share her findings with UK organisations involved in suicide prevention. Read Sangeeta's blog

Science & technology

Daniel Glaser, a neuroscientist and writer from London, travelled in Canada and the USA to research developments in artificial intelligence, and what this technology can tell us about ourselves. Read Daniel's blog