Britain's Secret Islands

Published: 15 Jan 2015

Britain's Secret Islands

Stewart McPherson recounts his adventurous travels over the last three years, visiting all of the UK Overseas Territories and filming their extraordinary wildlife and conservation stories.


Stewart's epic venture started out with a Churchill Fellowship in 2011, when he travelled to six of the Overseas Territories, including Montserrat and Ascension Island.

In his Wilderness Lecture (1h 45mins), filmed in Bristol in January 2015, he shares his experience of exploring many of the most remote inhabited islands on earth, and filming some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife found anywhere on the planet.

Stewart is set to complete a four part wildlife documentary series and accompanying natural history book chronicling the UK's extraordinary overseas wildlife and heritage for the very first time, to show an amazing side of UK wildlife that few in mainland Britain know exist.

He has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to create sixteen mini-documentaries from the video footage not used in the broadcast series, for those wanting to support this project. This will then be released online as a permanent, free resource to raise awareness of the wildlife of the UK Overseas Territories.