Profile: Churchill Fellow creates educational resource on circular economies

Published: 22 Nov 2017

Author: Lynn Wilson
Profile: Churchill Fellow creates educational resource on circular economies

How to recycle thousands of tonnes of waste textiles each year is the subject of a new educational resource created by Churchill Fellow Lynn Wilson.

It is estimated that 350,000 tonnes of used textiles are sent to landfill in the UK every year1. This could be reduced by introducing ‘circular economy’ ideas, in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, regenerating and repurposing them after their original use has expired. In 2015 Lynn travelled to Japan to research circular economy textile technology, heritage and design practices.

Using the knowledge she gained during her Fellowship, Lynn has created 'Circular Economy Wardrobe', a publication to help people apply the circular economy to the fashion industry, challenging ideas about fashion, design and consumption. 

“I have not always understood the negative impact of my own passion for fashion consumption, although I make, buy well and love a designer charity shop find. I am the consumer I am trying to change.” – Lynn Wilson

‘'Circular Economy Wardrobe' will be launched at the National Museum of Scotland on Thursday 23rd November. It was produced with support from the British Council.

Download ‘Circular Economy Wardrobe’

Read Lynn’s Fellowship report

Pictured: kimono exam at Tokyo Fashion Institute, taken during Lynn's Fellowship

1. ‘Valuing our clothes: the cost of UK fashion’, WRAP, July 2017