Food Poverty and Community in the UK and Peru

Published: 17 Dec 2014

Author: Bryce Evans
Food Poverty and Community in the UK and Peru

The recommendations from 'Feeding Britain', the recently published report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into hunger in the United Kingdom, are discussed in 2014 Churchill Fellow Dr Bryce Evans' report on anti food poverty initiatives in Peru.

The 'Feeding Britain' report received much press attention. It notes that advanced Western economies with mature welfare states are increasingly reliant on food banks and seeks to improve measures to combat food poverty in the UK. 

Bryce's report, entitled 'Selling out on the Revolution for a plate of beans? Communal dining in Peru and what we can learn from it', contributes to the 'Feeding Britain' debate and the emerging network by exploring how the UK's food bank model can be made more sustainable. Bryce's report recommends that the UK's food bank network adopt best practice from the enormous community kitchen network in the Latin American state. It outlines how, inspired by the Latin American model, small changes to the UK's food bank system could achieve big results in combating malnutrition, mental illness, and a lack of cookery skills.

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