Meet our 5000th Churchill Fellow

Published: 24 Feb 2015

Meet our 5000th Churchill Fellow

Ruth Mantle is the 5000th Fellow to be awarded a Travelling Fellowship since 1965. She is the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Nurse Consultant for NHS Highland, and lives in Avoch, Scotland.

Ruth will be travelling to the USA and Australia to explore innovative ways for staff to connect with people with dementia in their everyday interactions.

"I will be exploring how to develop ways to strengthen person and relationship centred care, as well as identifying ways to support staff to see the person beyond the diagnosis of dementia", says Ruth.

On her return, Ruth plans to disseminate her findings at regional conferences including Alzheimer Scotland, as well as at European dementia conferences.

She also plans to present at national meetings and workshops involving Nurse Consultants from all Scottish Health Boards, Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Government, as well as Alzheimer Disease International (which is the world-wide federation of Alzheimers associations, including UK organisations).

"We are delighted to be funding Ruth. Dementia care is a national priority and her Fellowship project will bring back some key overseas learnings and new ideas for the benefit of the UK," comments Jamie Balfour, Director General of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Ruth's Fellowship is part of a partnership with the Burdett Trust for Nursing,The Royal College of Nursing and FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation, as part of our Medical Health and Patient Care category.