Meet Rowan the red squirrel

Published: 13 Oct 2015

Author: Fran Foster
Meet Rowan the red squirrel

Fran Foster, a red squirrel ranger from North Cumbria, has co-written a new wildlife book about the plight of the red squirrel.

The book is aimed at children aged 8-12 years, and includes a story, worksheets and activities. 

In 2013, Fran was awarded a Travelling Fellowship to mainland Europe. She visited France, Italy and Switzerland to explore different approaches to squirrel conservation and management, focussing in particular on the public attitude to wildlife control and the associated conflict resolution.

Since returning from her Fellowship Fran has given many talks and workshops. She has been inspiring local young people to get involved by holding a series of practical activities and workshops for scouts, wildlife watch groups and schools.

Promotion of the red squirrel rather than demonizing the grey squirrel is a message that will pave the way for her ongoing practical conservation work.

To order a copy of 'Rowan The Red Squirrel' email Fran or visit her North Lakes Red Squirrel Ranger Facebook page.

You can also read her Fellowship report.