The Story of Joseph Briggs, 'The English Tiffany'

Published: 3 Jun 2015

Author: Douglas Jackson
The Story of Joseph Briggs, 'The English Tiffany'

A Churchill Fellowship enabled Manchester writer Douglas Jackson to carry out extensive research on the artist and craftsman Joseph Briggs, known as 'the English Tiffany'.

Mosaic tells the fascinating story of Joseph Briggs, one of the most important – if unrecognised – artists and craftsmen of the art nouveau period.

Lancashire lad Joseph went to America in 1891 to seek his fortune, briefly worked in a Wild West show then joined Tiffany Studios. Here he became Tiffany’s close friend and right hand man, and ultimately the head of the company. He was also one of the firm’s finest craftsmen, responsible for some of its greatest works. 

With a foreword by the antiques expert Eric Knowles, the book describes Joseph the family man, the house he built - and the remarkable woman he married. It recounts the dramatic final days of the Tiffany company when Joseph sold off once-priceless Tiffany glass cheaply or simply threw it away – but also sent some of the finest pieces back home to England. And it shows how Joseph’s unwavering faith in Tiffany was finally vindicated, with the rare and valuable collection of classic Tiffany glass in Accrington, Lancashire, now the largest of its kind in Europe and one of the finest in the world. 

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