Travels that change the world for babies

Published: 6 Feb 2017

Author: Kerry Taylor
Travels that change the world for babies

Dr Kerry Taylor is a Clinical Psychologist from Brighton who has worked with children and families for 20 years. She has recently returned from a five week trip to the USA where she examined ways of developing preventative mental health services for babies and their parents. Her travels were enabled by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship Award, in partnership with the Wave Trust.

Kerry is the founder of BrightPIP, a not-for-profit community organisation offering intensive support to expectant parents and infants up to two years of age. Because the practice of infant mental health is relatively new in the UK, Kerry wanted to use her Fellowship to observe innovative solutions that other countries are developing in this field.

During her Fellowship, Kerry visited 18 parent infant projects in New York and met outstanding contributors in the field, such as Professor Beatrice Beebe and Drs Howard and Miriam Steele, as well as pioneering researchers and practitioners like Dr Jeanette Sawyer Cohen, Dr Gil Foley and Dr Catherine Monk.

A highlight of Kerry’s trip was witnessing the ‘Power of Two’ programme in Brooklyn run by Erasma Monticciolo. This project seeks to engage communities in preventative mental health interventions by recruiting and training practitioners who are themselves members of the community. It has proved highly successful in identifying families who are most in need of support.

“The Fellowship has been an amazing learning opportunity which has shed light on many aspects of the practice of infant mental health, which is well established in the USA. Seeing how those I met worked collectively and collaboratively to bring about changes in services at a local and national level was deeply inspiring” – Kerry Taylor

Now back in the UK, Kerry has begun giving presentations to local stakeholders and commissioners on the findings from her Fellowship. She hopes to develop collaborations similar to those she learnt about during her travels. She is also seeking funding to implement programmes that will replicate the best practices she observed during her trip.

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