Spread the word

Churchill Fellows are the best people to help us to spread the word about the Travelling Fellowships.

Speaking to others about the positive impact of a Fellowship is a powerful way of inspiring them to consider applying themselves.

Countless applicants credit Fellows as the reason that they were motivated to apply.

How Fellows have helped spread the word:

  • giving talks / interviews
  • sharing our posts on social media
  • attending / speaking at conferences
  • information sessions or evenings in their local community
  • team updates
  • distributing flyers at conferences and in their workplace
  • placing flyers in local libraries and community hubs
  • social media / blogs
  • writing articles
  • encouraging friends and colleagues
  • discussing their Fellowship experience at the gym or book club etc!

We can provide:

  • WCMT (NEW) information postcards 
  • annual category flyers and larger posters
  • Fellows' stories of achievement brochures (A4)
  • powerpoint slides with general WCMT background information for inclusion in your presentations
  • we also have some banners that you could borrow for your events (cartridge style roller banner) 

If you would like to request any of the above please email us, giving details of quantities needed, reasons for order and any relevant dates.

Thank you!