Amy Frankie Smith's Story

Author: Amy Smith
Amy Frankie Smith's Story

Amy's Fellowship, in 2011, researched architectural terracotta, with a focus on historical and contemporary applications.

The Fellowship

Amy met with both of the major manufacturers of terracotta, as well as preservation architects, terracotta specialists and ceramicists working in the built environment. Amy also toured terracotta buildings in New York, Chicago and San Francisco; visiting historic sites accompanied by experts allowed her to gain a unique insight into the US terracotta industry and its applications for her own work in the UK.

The Results

Since her Fellowship, Amy has continued to build a name for herself as a recognised expert in her field. In June 2013 she was featured in a profile piece in the Victorian Societies Journal, where she was described as the ‘new face of terracotta'. She has also been published in the Tile and Architectural Ceramics Journal, and her photos have been used for an Art Deco tile publication.

Amy teaches a well-received conservation course at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, and is working with the creative organisation 318 Ceramics in Farnham to offer practical terracotta workshops.

She is also working towards establishing the Terracotta Foundation, a non profit advocacy organisation to support and stimulate the industry.

Amy says, 

"With more support and collaboration, terracotta could be used in more varied contexts within architecture. As well as stimulating innovative uses of terracotta, wider education programmes will raise the profile of historic terracotta as an important traditional building material."

Amy's Fellowship experiences inspired her to embark on new projects in her own studio, including large scale porcelain light panels for architectural feature walls.