Andy Briers' Story

Author: Andy Briers
Andy Briers' Story

Andy, a Police Inspector within the Metropolitan Police Service, embarked on his Fellowship in 2013 with the aim of developing a national training course to highlight key issues of promoting school safety, to be delivered online as well as face to face.

He travelled to the USA where work has been conducted to promote safer communities through joint approaches and training, in particular on key issues as cyber bullying and gang affiliation. Andy had a keen interest in learning from such innovative approaches to provide the UK’s young people with safe places to work and play.

The Fellowship

Andy travelled to Denver, Colorado, and spent most of his six weeks of Fellowship at the Institute of Behavioural Science, University of Colorado, Boulder. The Institute includes the Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV), which is renowned for its research into key preventative programmes around child delinquency. 

Andy worked closely with the Centre Director and also local Police Departments to understand best practice around preventative programmes such as ‘Safe 2 Tell’ (which enables young people to anonymously report any threatening behaviours or activities endangering themselves or someone they know), and police officers working in schools.

The Results

Since his return, Andy has written a book which serves as a training manual for schools officers and teachers.  In addition, he has delivered training courses based on his research in the US to two major police forces in the UK and over 200 police officers in the Metropolitan Police Service.  He has been able to update the Police Online Knowledge Area (POLKA), which is a website that all police officers and Home Office officials can access and use to develop discussions, post material and seek advice. The course has now been developed into a Master’s programme which is delivered at a London University, as well as online as a distance learning module.

Andy worked with the College of European Policing and took part in an exchange programme with Hungarian police officers sharing his training and best practice with police officers and young people and delivered a lecture at the French national training centre in Lyon on the subject to the European leads for crime prevention. 

He also contributed to the All Parliamentary Group for Children at the House of Commons relaying the findings of his Fellowship which was included as good practice -“It’s all about trust”: Building good relationships between children and the police.

The Fellowship enabled Andy to become an Evidence-based Policing Champion for the College of Policing, which allowed him to design and accelerate the implementation of his work for the benefit of all police services.