Chris Avis' Story

Author: Chris Avis
Chris Avis' Story

Chris Avis travelled to Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands in 2013 to research attitudes to ageing in the arts.

The Fellowship

As an older artist, Chris had become increasingly interested in the ageing process and its implications for art and artists. For her Fellowship in 2013, she spent six weeks researching the attitudes of arts communities in Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam towards older artists and their potential as exhibitors. Chris was interested to discover that new approaches, such as exhibitions in public buildings, were helping to raise the profile of older artists and promote equality.

The Results

In 2014, Chris built on the ideas examined during her Fellowship with a hugely successful Barbican Guildhall Open Lab, bringing together eleven older visual and performing arts professionals from across Europe to explore the prejudices and preconceptions linked to age and creativity through their own disciplines.

In 2015, Chris’ work was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Park Theatre in London called Time Passing. The exhibition showcased a range of prints, photographs and collages featuring older women. Later that year, she was also invited to exhibit her work at the Schlachten annual International Contemporary Arts Festival.

A print from Chris' new exhibition SHEMore recently, Chris’ work has focused on the relationships between mothers and daughters across generations. A collection of this work, entitled SHE, will be exhibited at the Park Theatre between March and May 2017 as part of the theatre’s celebrations for International Women’s Day.

Chris believes her Fellowship has contributed much to her recent successes.

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