Chris Gabbett's Story

Author: Chris Gabbett
Chris Gabbett's Story

Newly appointed Deputy Principal Chris Gabbett travelled to Australia and Norway to look at how secondary schools and universities can better support students from deprived backgrounds.

The Fellowship

Chris' Fellowship focused on the way that teacher development and in-school expectations could help to close the poverty gap, and in particular, on ‘Productive Pedagogies’, a teaching framework developed in Queensland in 2001.

The Results

Within two months of completing his final Fellowship report, Chris was appointed as Principal of Trinity Catholic School in Warwickshire.

He was also invited to join the Best Practice Forum which examined the attainment and inclusion of children in care, and currently serves on the committee of the Institute for Childhood Trauma and Recovery. He has completed pedagogy research at Oxford University, and is currently completing a PhD at Warwick University. Chris has written articles on his teaching experiences for the Guardian Teacher Network.

Perhaps most significantly, Chris has taken practical action based on the knowledge gained from his Fellowship, so that his school has become a national leader in helping children from deprived backgrounds to achieve their academic potential. He is currently developing plans to provide strategic support for teaching schools on education for vulnerable learners.