Dr Henry Nwume's Story

Author: Henry Nwume
Dr Henry Nwume's Story

Dr Henry Nwume, an Army Medical Officer, travelled to Norway and the USA on his Fellowship in 2009. His aim was to improve the rehabilitation of severely wounded servicemen and women by using sport to improve self-worth and confidence.

The Fellowship

Spurred on by his own experiences as a doctor for an Infantry Battalion during and after a tour of Afghanistan, Henry travelled to the US for seven weeks to see how the US Military had joined forces with US Paralympic organisation to aid in the rehabilitation of their injured service men and women.

"I found an inspirational and very organised system driven by the real recognition that participation in sport at any level could greatly improve the motivation, mood and physical well being of injured servicemen, especially amputees, those suffering traumatic brain injuries and combat stress disorders".

He travelled between Paralympic competitions, Olympic training facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centres of excellence and military training bases, witnessing the benefit of the combined Military and Paralympic programmes, especially in terms of peer support and the sharing of expertise and resources.

The Results

Following his Fellowship, Henry has been appointed a committee member of the UK anti-doping Athlete Committee as well as being selected for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver as part of the bobsleigh team. In 2010, he returned to Afghanistan for another tour of duty as a doctor. Since returning he has left the army and now works full time for the NHS.