Exercise medicine programmes: Dr Courtney Kipps' story

Author: Courtney Kipps
Exercise medicine programmes: Dr Courtney Kipps' story

Sports injury physician Dr Courtney Kipps visited Australia and the USA to develop the skills and experience needed to establish exercise medicine programmes for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease within the NHS.

Dr Kipps' Fellowship took him to Harvard and Stanford Universities in the USA, as well as the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne. He observed and learned best practice from world leaders in this field of medicine.

Since his Fellowship Dr Kipps has used his findings to work with the UK Task Force for Exercise Is Medicine, charged with increasing awareness of the health benefits of physical activity amongst healthcare providers. In his current NHS Trust he is working to establish an exercise medicine referral pathway, whilst academically he is working on research into attitudes and barriers to physical activity referral in different healthcare settings.

During the London 2012 Paralympics he worked in the polyclinic in the Athletes’ Village, treating injuries to the elite athletes.

Dr Kipps is also the Medical Director of the London Triathlon, the Blenheim Triathlon and London's Run To The Beat half-marathon. He is Assistant Medical Director of the London Marathon and a Club Doctor for Harlequins Rugby Club. He is joint organiser of Marathon Medicine, an annual conference on the medicine and science of endurance running. He leads several strands of collaborative research to better understand the medical complications that arise during endurance exercise. He has published and spoken internationally in this field.