Frank Boshell's Story

Author: Frank Boshell
Frank Boshell's Story

Frank used his Fellowship to research best practice in reducing air pollution.

Frank Boshell, now 83, was one of the very first Churchill Fellows – one of 66 people selected from 3,280 applicants. He applied after seeing a sign advertising the newly-established Trust on the noticeboard in Leeds Public Health Department, where he worked as a Public Health Inspector. 

Frank saw the Fellowship as an opportunity to observe the effects of measures taken to reduce air pollution in the USA, writing in his application: “I hope that by increasing my working knowledge I will be able to make an even better contribution towards a cleaner, healthier Britain.” 

He travelled for six months in North America, visiting authorities in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Los Angeles, where he gained life-long friends as well as an enormous amount of experience. 

Following his Fellowship Frank continued working as an Environmental Health Officer in Leeds, and in 1992 retired after 44 years’ service with the authority. He was one of the founders of the East Pennine Association of Fellows and has been continuously involved since then. 

“Like the vast majority of Churchill Fellows, I retain that pride in being a Fellow for life. I have a continuing awareness that I was gifted with an enormous opportunity and have always accepted that with it came responsibility. There is always a great pride mixed with humbleness in having one's name linked, however tenuously, with the greatest ever Englishman.”