Grace Filby's Story

Author: Grace Filby
Grace Filby's Story

Bacteriophages (phages) are ultra-microscopic waterborne viruses that infect and destroy only bacteria, so they have many applications, including medicine.

There is very little awareness in the UK except via specialist literature, so Grace arranged visits to clinics, hospitals and university labs in the Republic of Georgia, Poland and USA, and set out to ensure that information is available about phage therapy for the general public.

An immediate outcome of Grace’s Fellowship was a series of invitations to international conferences in Canada, USA, Poland, Georgia, France, England and Scotland, providing more opportunities to meet leading scientists and physicians.

In 2009, she was a contributing author with Polish scientists to a scientific international mini-review, Bacteriophage therapy for the treatment of infections (Gorski et al). 

Through her writing and illustrated talks, in 2012 Grace was invited to author a fully referenced chapter entitled Women who thawed the Cold War in the compilation Women In War - from home front to front line. It describes the struggles and successes with bacteriophage therapy in the former USSR country of Georgia, and how useful it could have been in the West, had world leaders such as Winston Churchill known about its potential.