Heather Moore's Story

Author: Heather Moore
Heather Moore's Story

Heather Moore travelled to several countries, including Poland and Switzerland, in 2015 to explore ways of halting the decline of honeybees.

The Fellowship

Honeybees became an obsession for Heather after she studied them whilst at university. As critical pollinators, the health of bees is fundamental to sustaining life on earth, and, recognising this, Heather has devoted the last ten years to protecting them.

After she began keeping honeybees herself, Heather was dismayed to discover that practices such as the use of chemical miticides, bee manipulation and excessive honey removal were prevalent in the world of beekeeping. Heather wanted to use her Fellowship to seek out practices that challenged these ideas, and to meet with other beekeepers who were determined to prioritise the health of bees over profit.

During her Fellowship, Heather visited an array of beekeepers, picking up invaluable natural beekeeping practices, and making true friendships with fellow beekeepers whose ideas have helped to inform her own work. Polish beekeepers were experiencing great success by reviving an ancient tradition of keeping bees high up in cavities carved out in trees, while Swiss beekeepers were enabling bees to enjoy undisturbed productivity by keeping them in hollows made in the trunks of cut trees. Heather learnt that the most important thing we can do to help the honeybee is simply to leave it alone.

The Results

As a result of meeting natural beekeepers from all over Europe, many of whom have nurtured colonies for over ten years without using a drop of miticide, Heather gained the confidence and conviction to set up her own organisation. Bee the Change project is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which aims to halt the pollination crisis by connecting people to nature through natural beekeeping and bee conservation. Bee the Change provides educational bee workshops in schools, sets up community beehives, runs sustainable beekeeping courses and campaigns for more sustainable environmental policies. By understanding why bees are suffering, and how they can be helped, Heather hopes that people can begin to have a wider appreciation of the environment around us, and move towards a more sustainable way of interacting with it.

With the experience gained from her Fellowship, Heather is now working towards using more natural hive designs: she is about to embark on making a log hive, as well as a tree-hive in Gloucestershire. And how are the bees? The bees are thriving! Heather stewards ten hives, all of which are doing well, without a hint of chemicals.

Heather’s blog: http://beethechangeproject.org/blog/

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