Jennifer Brown's Story

Author: Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown's Story

Jenny travelled to Canada and the USA in 1981 to study the management of joint and muscle injuries.

While working as a physiotherapist in the NHS and travelling with the Great Britain Alpine Ski Team, Jenny was supported by doctors travelling with the USA team, as there were no doctors employed as part of her team. She saw a range of interesting techniques for management of musculo-skeletal injuries in elite athletes and it became apparent to her that there was much to be learnt from them about the management of athletes with soft tissue injuries.  

Jenny’s Fellowship enabled her to visit orthopaedic clinics in hospitals and sports clinics in Universities across North America, including Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Seattle.  This provided a unique insight into the working practices of physio therapists and doctors, and their implementation at sports events, including American Football and Basketball. 

On returning to the UK, Jenny applied her new knowledge and skills to benefit athletes across a range of sports. She adapted this to further the management of musculo-skeletal injuries for NHS patients, working within some of London’s major hospitals, as well as for sports teams.

Following her Fellowship Jenny became a respected expert in sports physiotherapy, and interested in training the next generation of physiotherapists, sharing her knowledge as a clinical tutor to undergraduates. She also accepted an eight-week World Health Organisation assignment to develop and teach the musculo-skeletal module of the newly opened Physiotherapy School in Malta.  Jenny then returned to the NHS to manage physiotherapy and therapy services at St George’s Hospital, London.  During her career, she has served as a member of several Department of Health committees, and as a Professional External Advisor to the Health Service Ombudsman.

Her work in elite sports grew alongside her NHS career.  With a growing portfolio of both management and clinical skills and experience, Jenny continued as a physiotherapist for the Great Britain Team for seven World University Games, and Chef de Mission for a further three Games.   She also volunteered as a physiotherapist for six Olympic Games, rising to chief physiotherapist for the Great Britain Team in 1992.

Jenny is proud to have served as a physiotherapist for Team England at four Commonwealth Games, and as General Team Manager for the Manchester and Melbourne Games. Jenny took early retirement to enable her to travel to Australia for the Games, and on her return was headhunted for Interim Chief Executive of the British University Sports Association.  She has received a Distinguished Service Award from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and an Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University for outstanding leadership of Physiotherapy and Health Care Practice.