Jiselle Steele's Story

Author: Jiselle Steele
Jiselle Steele's Story

Jiselle Steele used her Fellowship to investigate creative, cultural and social projects established and run by young people from different backgrounds.

The Fellowship

Jiselle spent nine weeks in Brazil and visited Rio, São Paulo, Pentecoste near Fortaleza, and Salvador. She carried out interviews, designed and delivered a workshop, and developed questions that encouraged individuals and organisations to share their motivations and barriers to developing and delivering their projects and enterprises.

Jiselle was particularly interested in how projects support disadvantaged young people to create their own opportunities, inspired by their interests, and how this could lead to them changing their positions within their community and society.

The Results

Since completing her Fellowship, Jiselle has moved to Rio where she continues to build and develop the networks and partnerships that she started as part of her research. She is currently the Regional Programme Director in Brasil for UK-based social enterprise, Social Starters, enabling professionals from a range of commercial industries to train as volunteer Social Impact Consultants and work alongside Brazilian social projects to help them strengthen their social impact within their community.

Jiselle is still in touch with many of the projects and individuals she met during her Fellowship, and has been able to find a way to support them to develop and grow via the Social Starters programme.

Her ambition now is to complete a Sociology MA in Brazil, studying the culture and identity of Brazilian society and learning more about the diverse range of projects and movements working to tackle prejudice in different parts of the community.