Jodie Lees's Story

Author: Jodie Lees
Jodie Lees's Story

Jodie embarked on a Fellowship to find out how young people are being supported to become creative leaders.

The Fellowship

Jodie’s Fellowship took her across New Zealand, where over a period of seven weeks she met with over 50 people to discuss how young people can lead creative change successfully within organisations.

Through gathering case studies from a variety of settings, including youth organisations, colleges, cultural organisations and local authorities, Jodie discovered key elements that could have a huge influence on how we do things here in the UK.

The Results

Jodie’s research has fed directly into three programmes developed with the East Midlands young people's development agency she works for, The Mighty Creatives.

Their leadership training package enables young people to develop their skills in teamwork, decision-making, planning and evaluation, and supports them to reflect on themselves as leaders. A Leadership Academy is also in the pipeline, with the aim of providing a clear, joined-up leadership programme which includes tools, skill building and wider opportunities, including connecting young leaders across the East Midlands.

Jodie has also been involved in the creation of the first Mighty Creatives Youth Council. This is being piloted with six young people from Leicester who are helping to create a map of the city which is truly representative of the young people that live there, a project which Jodie saw first-hand in New Zealand.

Jodie continues to work on strategic resources, tools and potential training to support organisations to develop participation and grow their opportunities for young people to make decisions in high quality ways.