Kai Wooder's Story

Author: Kai Wooder
Kai Wooder's Story

Kai Wooder investigated sexual health education models in Canada and the USA.

The Fellowship

At the time of her Fellowship, Kai worked for Brook, a free and confidential sexual health service provider for young people. She was interested in the ways in which sexual health organisations in Canada and the USA overcame barriers to deliver quality and life-changing services.

Kai was particularly inspired by the IMB theoretical framework that she observed in the planning, delivering and evaluating of sexual health services in Canada. The principle of the model is that for an education session to have an impact, there must be a focus on each of these activities together: imparting the information, understanding the individual’s motivation and their behaviour. A focus on these individually might work as standalone interventions, but will not necessarily lead to overall behaviour change.

The Results

On returning from her Fellowship, Kai introduced Brook staff and commissioners to the IMB model. She helped to embed the delivery and evaluation tool in Brook’s educational session planning and evaluation templates, and led training for Brook staff, as well as staff from other relevant agencies.

Brook then adopted the IMB model across the board, marking a significant change to internal policies and practice guidelines. All staff were required to use the IMB model to ensure good practice and the approach has also contributed to the national data and impact framework, potentially improving support for 150,000 young people per year.