Luke Loveridge's Story

Author: Luke Loveridge
Luke Loveridge's Story

Luke Loveridge investigated ways of empowering communities and encouraging civic participation through innovative digital applications.

The Fellowship

Luke was awarded a Fellowship to find out how some US communities, non-profits and citizens are using digital applications to solve local problems and make local services more effective. Travelling from San Francisco to New York, he talked to leading city officials, charities, technologists, innovators and academics in this field.

During his travels Luke examined practical lessons for opening up public data, and identified a number of civic apps which could be applied in the UK.

The Results

Following his Fellowship Luke began work for the City Innovation Team at Bristol City Council and now manages a flagship Smart City project. As part of this role he is implementing large scale innovation projects to help address the most pressing challenges of local communities and also develops and sources funding for civic innovation projects. He is in talks with senior managers about replicating initiatives he witnessed in the US.

Luke has given talks to groups within his organisations and his wider network, and used his master’s dissertation to look into how to catalyse innovations in local communities. In 2016 Luke received funding from the RSA Welsh Fellows Award to start a community project – ‘Citizen Tech Pioneers’ – which aims to involve local communities in new technologies to address local needs and challenges.