Paul Campbell's Story

Author: Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell's Story

Paul Campbell, a Landscape Designer, from London, undertook his Travelling Fellowship to Jamaica, exploring new developments in architecture, horticulture and urban design.

The Fellowship

The aim of his Fellowship was to encourage people of Caribbean/African decent to enter the horticultural and landscape professions as they are traditionally linked to the land and nature. Keen to pass on his expertise, Paul holds degrees and masters in horticulture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Whilst in Jamaica, Paul assisted the multi-million dollar development plan for Hope Royal Botanical Gardens, Kingston.  His work has resulted in a partnership with architectural students from Jamaica’s University of Technology to design social housing. 

The Results

Since his Fellowship Paul has been developing a range of initiatives for UK organisations, including attracting more diverse applicants to Kew Gardens' horticultural apprenticeship program, a design competition with a major housing developer and the creation of a traditional building skills organisation in Jamaica, linked to Prince Charles’ Foundation for the Built Environment.