Professor Steve Ormerod's Story

Author: Stephen Ormerod
Professor Steve Ormerod's Story

During the 1980s, acid rain was a major environmental concern. Rivers and lakes were affected over large areas of Britain, Europe and North America, and huge efforts were being made to understand and resolve the problem. Steve Ormerod, a young academic leading a team assessing acid rain effects in Wales, set off on a Fellowship tour of some of the worst affected areas of the USA and Canada.

Having witnessed at first hand the regeneration of acidified rivers, he returned to the UK enthused by the possibility of tackling not only this, but also other major environmental problems. The subsequent landscape-scale experiments at Llyn Brianne in Wales are some of the longest-running in the world.

In the 25+ years since Steve's Fellowship, this unique project has contributed to our understanding of other key environmental issues, including climate change.

Today, Steve combines the role of a Professor at Cardiff University with that of an advisor to business, government bodies and environmental charities.

In 2012 he was proudly elected as Chairman of Council of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – Europe’s largest wildlife charity. Steve believes passionately in the RSPB’s mission to save nature, to halt biodiversity loss, and to pass on to our children a world that is healthy to live in.