Rameen Shakur's Story

Author: Rameen Shakur
Rameen Shakur's Story

Dr Rameen Shakur was a third year medical student at Cambridge when he travelled to Switzerland and the USA in 2001 to investigate the application of molecular and genomic medicine in the prevention of heart disease.

The Fellowship

The aim of Rameen's Fellowship was to get a broad spectrum view of different strategies being used to combat heart disease. He visited Harvard Medical School and the Mayo clinic, which is renowned for its high research-based focus on clinical care. Whilst there, he saw first-hand how the use of genome technology and diagnosis was changing the way people diagnose and treat diseases.

He also published a novel research paper on aspects of looking at new genomic methods to characterise and diagnose congenital diseases of the heart.

Rameen credits his Fellowship with allowing him to appreciate the synergy from clinical medicine, basic science research and how to propagate that message, whilst also thinking of preventative public health strategies – to ensure that they work together for optimum patient care.

The Results

Rameen believes that the Fellowship helped shape his career. He not only decided to become a cardiologist, but also to do basic science research to enhance current therapies.

Rameen now has an academic and clinical position at the University of Cambridge, and works on stem cells to help in the regeneration of hearts. He also works with local and community outreach programmes for low socioeconomic communities so as to help disadvantaged people to take better care of their health. He believes that prevention is better, but that we should always strive to find cures.