Siân Evans' Story

Author: Sian Evans
Siân Evans' Story

As one of the few remaining decorative coppersmiths, in this country Siân was interested in connecting with similar craftspeople in other parts of the world.

The Fellowship

In 2011, Siân travelled to France, Greece and India to study ancient artefacts and the origins of Smithing at first hand. In Villedieu-les-Poêles in Normandy, known as the town of coppersmiths, she met people who were practising traditional metalwork brought to France by the St Johns Knights of Malta in the 12th century. Siân also spent time at the British School at Athens researching and studying the most ancient copperwork in world-class museums, and visiting the coppersmith's temple, dedicated to Hephaestus - the God of metalsmiths, at the Agora. Her trip was concluded at Swamimalai in Tamil Nadu where she worked with Chola bronze statue sculptors, to understand more about the earliest forms of metal casting.

The Results

Since her Fellowship, Siân has won a 2014 Craft and Design magazine Finalist Award in the 'Wood and Metal' category. She has also written a feature for Craft & Design magazine, and has given talks about her Fellowship findings. 

As a solitary practitioner of an unusual craft she discovered, for the first time, an extraordinary sense of camaraderie, both with the coppersmiths she met on her travels and with the ancient craftspeople whose work lives on, which will help her realise her dreams of preserving the art of coppersmithing here in the UK. Sian plans to bring about fair trade partnerships in the future.