Tracey Clarke's Story

Author: Tracey Clarke
Tracey Clarke's Story

Tracey visited the USA in 2010 to research the Virtual Assistance Industry. This has allowed her to grow her business into one of the UK's leading virtual assistant providers.

The Fellowship

Tracey spent eleven years in local government administration. Bored with her work, and ready for a change, she had read about the Virtual Assistance Industry in the USA and Australia, where professional administrative assistance is provided to clients remotely from a home office, and thought it was a business opportunity that could be replicated in the UK.

During her five week Fellowship she visited Washington, met Professors at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, which has developed teleworking projects, and learned of new working practices at Capital One’s hub of operations in Virginia. She met professional virtual assistants in Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas and went on to Northern California where she visited Sierra College, meeting Professor Cyndi Dunn, who created and delivers an online virtual office professional degree course.

The Results

Tracey’s Fellowship has allowed her to build her business, Virtual Administration. She has developed a successful team, and created long term relationships with other virtual administrators and teaching professionals both in the UK and Internationally.

Her Fellowship report had an impact on one of her business clients who identified a shared understanding of the concept and vision. This investment helped grow it into one of the UK’s leading virtual assistant providers.

Tracey is able to give work to those who have before struggled getting into work in the traditional office setting, due to disability or being a parent with the challenges of childcare costs.

A brief slot on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show brought Tracey one hundred and thirty five enquiries in two days from people keen to know more. She has since helped provide administrative work to a growing team of Virtual Assistants, each providing highly skilled secretarial services to clients UK wide.