Yvonne Field's Story

Author: Yvonne Field
Yvonne Field's Story

Yvonne Field investigated national Black leadership, the transfer of indigenous knowledge and community enterprise development during her Fellowship.

The Fellowship

Yvonne, a freelance consultant, travelled to America and New Zealand to explore how to create sustainable African Diaspora communities through intergenerational leadership, social action and community enterprise development.

The Results

Yvonne used her experience to establish the Ubele Initiative, an inter-generational community building initiative which focuses on the African Diaspora community in the UK.

Since its launch in 2014, Ubele has designed and co-hosted a number of conversations and workshops for community groups and individuals, including elder leaders and emerging young leaders. It has also provided practical capacity building advice, guidance, support and learning for more than 30 small BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) led organisations.

Funding has been awarded by several trusts and foundations. These include a Locality commission to collect evidence of BAME community assets in the UK, creating the first comprehensive picture of the buildings, spaces and organisations that have contributed to the African Diaspora community.

Ubele is now in the process of developing a new intergenerational leadership development programme for the African Diaspora community.