The Activate Fund online application form

Here are the questions that were asked for 2020 grants, though these may evolve for year two of the fund.

  • Question 1: The person - how does this project relate to your Fellowship and what has motivated you to tackle this issue?
  • Question 2: The issue - give a brief overview of the issue you are seeking to address and why it is important.
  • Question 3: The proposition - tell us a little about what you have been doing to address this issue, outlining the most significant successes in or barriers to implementing your findings.
  • Question 4: The people - how is your project idea influenced by the people most impacted by the issue you are tackling?
  • Question 5: The context - how does this project differ to, improve on or add value to what already exists within your field?
  • Question 6: The plan - what plans do you have in place over the next 12 months to significantly help you achieve your aims and how will funding contribute to furthering your aims?
  • Question 7: The milestones - what are the three major milestones you would like to achieve by the end of the 12-month grant period?
  • Question 8: The influencers - are there any influential people who you would like to meet to support the implementation of your findings, and what would be the nature of the conversation you would like to have with them?
  • Question 9: The support - what support do you already have in place to help you achieve your objectives?
  • Question 10: The end goal - what will success look like three to five years from now?

Applying in an audio format

Audio submissions can be submitted on a dedicated page of the online application form. For audio submissions, you will need to respond to all ten questions in the online form and ensure that the audio recording is clear and completed within seven minutes. Audio uploads have a 25 MB limit. We would request, for audio submissions, that you say your name first, then tell us in a sentence what you are seeking funding for, and how much. You should then respond to the ten questions. Supplementary information, such as the budget and partners involved in your project, can be submitted separately online.