Learning and support

As well as a grant, Activate recipients (and shortlisted candidates) will be able to access ‘light touch’ support as you embark on activating or accelerating recommendations from your Fellowship.

We will support you in the following ways:

  • We will tap into our deep reserve of Fellows and Advisory Council members to try and find a specialist in your field to help you. This expert support may take the form of advice, policy insight or introductions to ‘open doors’. This will not be a mentoring or coaching relationship, but a person within our network who you can contact about specific issues.
  • You can call upon the Activate Fund Manager, Derek Bardowell, as a critical friend to provide support on a variety of areas as you embark on your journey. This may include looking at funding bids or advice on setting up a charity or social enterprise. Derek is himself a Churchill Fellow.
  • You may choose – as a collective of grant-recipients or shortlisted candidates – to meet with each other during the lifespan of your grant to form a peer network. Derek can assist in helping you to connect regularly.

It should be noted that the support outlined above is not compulsory. We would not prescribe a standard approach to supporting you, but we hope this will give you some additional help while implementing your findings.