Fellows' updates: December 2020

The Churchill Fellowship is a national network of 3,800 inspiring individuals leading change in every area of society. Here is the latest news on how they are sharing their ideas and putting their insights into practice across the UK.

Art and culture: Artist educator Pete Moorhouse (CF 2018) has contributed to an article on woodwork education which was published by Nursery World on 21 December. Pete discussed learnings from his Fellowship, which explored best practices in woodwork in early childhood education.


Children in care: Social entrepreneur Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang (CF 2018) discussed the model of children’s homes that he is championing during an interview on BBC Radio 5 on 24 February. Emmanuel’s Fellowship explored best practice in delivering residential care provision. 


Community: Policy officer Emma Cleave (CF 2018) spoke at an online event organised by charity NALDIC on 9 December. Emma shared learnings from her Fellowship, which explored strategies for multilingual learners in schools, and discussed asset-based approaches in education as tools for systems change.


Criminal justice: Forensic scientist Professor Rachel Bolton-King (CF 2019) organised The Conference to Enhance the UK Criminal Justice System on 16 December. This bought together eight Churchill Fellows who presented their international insights on criminal justice. Read our news story.


Education: Teacher Arlene Holmes-Henderson (CF 2013) was awarded funding from the Strategic Priorities Fund on 22 December to help the All Party Parliamentary Group for Oracy produce their final report. Arlene will draw upon findings from her Fellowship, which explored critical literacy.


Education: Psychiatry professor Helen Minnis (CF 2009) has written an article for The Times on her Covid-19 Action Fund project, which was published on 27 December. Helen is using her Covid-19 Action Fund grant to develop a safe home-schooling model for lockdown. 


Education: Charity leader Jim McCormick (CF 2018) gave a talk at the Scottish Mentoring Network's online conference on 3 December. Jim shared learnings from his Fellowship, which explored mentoring programmes for disadvantaged school children.


Enterprise: Social enterprise founder Eifion Williams (CF 2019) hosted an online event on 11 December to discuss his plans to use his Covid-19 Action Fund to pilot a Mutual Credit System in Wales. This project was inspired by Eifion’s Fellowship, which explored co-operatively managed dual currency systems.


Healthcare: The story of explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison (CF 1971) featured in a BBC TV documentary, Survival: To the Brink and Back, on 5 December. Robin climbed Cornwall’s highest summit in a bid to raise funds for the NHS - just five months after recovering from severe Covid-19. 


Housing: Research fellow Alison Wallace (CF 2016) has written a blog for the Chartered Institute of Housing on home ownership education in the UK, which was published on 8 December. Alison shares finding from her Fellowship which investigated pre-purchase counselling to support affordable homeownership programmes.


Mental health: Teacher Olivia Richards (CF 2016) was interviewed by TES magazine for an article on boosting wellbeing alongside academic performance, which was published on 18 December. Olivia discussed the social enterprise that she founded, The Story Project, which was inspired by her Fellowship. 


Prison reform: Charity founder Fiona Gilbertson (CF 2015) hosted an online event on 16 December through her organisation, Recovering Justice. A panel of international experts, including former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, discussed the need for drug policy reform. 



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