Fellows' updates: November 2020

The Churchill Fellowship is a national network of 3,800 inspiring individuals leading change in every area of society. Here is the latest news on how they are sharing their ideas and putting their insights into practice across the UK.

Arts and culture: Conservationist Lorraine Finch (CF 2006) led a workshop for Museums Development East Midlands on how to care for photographic material, on 10 November. Lorraine drew upon learnings from her Fellowship which explored the conservation and preservation of film, sound and photography.


Children and young people: Recommendations from Professor Andrew Rowland (CF 2014) on banning smacking became law in Scotland on 7 November. Andrew’s Fellowship research informed the Scottish Government’s decision to legislate against parents using physical punishment towards their children.


Domestic abuse: Consultant James Rowlands (CF 2019) was invited to present his Fellowship learnings to the senior operations team at the domestic abuse charity Refuge, on 2 November. Andrew’s Fellowship investigated ways of improving responses to partner homicide.


Domestic abuse: Charity founder Nicola Sharp-Jeffs (CF 2016) is taking part in a 20-million-step challenge with Australian Churchill Fellow Rebecca Glenn this month. Nicola will be raising awareness and funds for her charity, Surviving Economic Abuse, which she set up following her Fellowship.


Disability inclusion: Author Hilary Marlow (CF 2006) has published a biography, Blindness and the Power of Inner Vision. The book is of the life of the South African lawyer and disability rights activist Mike Bowen, who was blinded in the First World War, whom Hilary researched on his Fellowship. 


Disability inclusion: Disability rights consultant Zara Todd (CF 2016) spoke at an online conference of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations on 20 November. Zara discussed ways to support disabled leaders and future leaders in the voluntary sector.


Economy and enterprise: Entrepreneur Kajal Sanghrajka (CF 2017) took part in a Tedx talk with Bath University on 28 November. Kajal discussed the rise of the graduate entrepreneur and the importance of adopting entrepreneurial skills to overcome challenges in life and work. 


Education: Charity leader Jim McCormick (CF 2018) was interviewed by the Scottish Minister for Children, Maree Todd, as part of an online event with mentoring programme, Intandem, on 11 November. Jim discussed learnings from his Fellowship, which explored mentoring programmes for disadvantaged children.


Education: Music educator Richard Jeffries (CF 2019) was interviewed by Susan Hollingworth (CF 1990) during an online webinar with The Association of British Choral Directors on 7 November. Richard shared learnings from his Fellowship which explored the impact of singing on educational development.


Environment: Countryside Management Consultant Vyvyan Wood-Gee (CF 2010) hosted an online event for arts organisation Deveron Projects on 27 November. Vyvyan discussed historic paths in Huntly, Scotland, and shared learnings from her Fellowship which explored historic paths and tracks. 


Healthcare: Dementia campaigner Agnes Houston (CF 2016) was given the award for Exceptional Contribution by a Person Living with Dementia, in the National Dementia Care Awards 2020, on 12 November. Agnes’ Fellowship explored the sensory challenges of those living with dementia.


Healthcare: GP Sophie Redlin (CF 2019) spoke at the DR.EAM Junior virtual conference organised by the University of Birmingham on 28 November. The event aimed to inspire Year 12 students interested in studying medicine. Sophie shared findings from her Fellowship on indigenous healthcare practices.


Homelessness: Policy-worker Rory Weal (CF 2019) contributed to an article on rural homelessness which was published in Big Issue on 27 November. Rory shared learning learnings from his Fellowship, which explored responses to homelessness in rural communities. 


Housing: Housing consultant Maureen Corcoran (CF 2018) gave a talk at an online event organised by Housing Rights in Northern Ireland on 25 November. Maureen shared findings from her Fellowship which explored alternative approaches to the provision of affordable housing through the private rental sector.


Prison reform: Charity co-director Christopher Stacey (CF 2014) was interviewed by Inside Time about his Fellowship, for an article on prisoner rehabilitation published on 27 November. Christopher’s Fellowship explored the disclosure of criminal records for recruitment. 


Mental health: Psychologist Erica McInnis (CF 2016) discussed learnings from her Fellowship on African-centred approaches to mental health in the Mentally Yours podcast. The podcast aired on 9 November and Erica gave recommendations to how the NHS can improve its services.


Palliative care: Research associate Steve Marshall (CF 2020) presented research at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Virtual Research Conference on 2 November. Steve also recently co-published a systematic review that explores ways to support children with a dying parent, the subject of Steve’s Fellowship. 


Physical activity: Author Alan Richardson (CF 1989) has written an autobiography, Basketball Odyssey, which was published on 22 November. The book tells the story of Alan’s career in basketball and has a chapter dedicated to his Fellowship, which explored the professional development of basketball officials. 


Science and technology: Researcher Tay-yibah Aziz (CF 2020) spoke at an online event organised by the Natural History Consortium on 27 November. Tay-yibah discussed ways to diversify the environmental movement, which she will explore further as part of her Fellowship. 


Social change: Equality campaigner Patrick Vernon (CF 2018) spoke at the online conference of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations on 16 November. Patrick was the opening speaker of the five-day event and discussed leading social change in the voluntary sector.


Suicide bereavement: Charity founder Sharon McDonnell (CF 2013) organised the Suicide Bereavement UK International Conference on 18 November. The event presented findings from the National Suicide Bereavement Survey, the largest of its kind, which was led by Sharon. Read our news story.


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