Partnering with us

As an organisation we excel at selecting the right people to undertake overseas research. To enable these motivated invidividuals to share their findings and take their recommendations to the next level we partner with charities and organisations with in-depth expertise in the fields in which we fund.

See a list of our current partnerships

Each partnership is different but all of them help us to promote the Fellowships to the relevant pools of potential applicants, and provide networks of professionals with whom Fellows can share their findings, and exchange ideas and best practice. 

We are always keen to explore possible partnerships, aspects of which could include:

Promotion and dissemination

We are constantly building up our own networks but as we do not specialise in a particular field we are keen to have support from partners to help us promote the Fellowships to the right groups of people so that we receive good quality applications.

The aim of the Fellowships is that the benefits should reach beyond the individual and we place strong emphasis on this requirement. Once Fellows return with their findings and recommendations partners' networks and endorsement are vital for effective dissemination.


Areas in which we are looking for funding are:


We match fund all Fellowships funded by partners, typically 10 jointly funded Fellowships in a particular field.


When a programme of Fellowships has focussed on a particular subject for two to three years, we draw together the findings of the cohort and publish them for dissemination. These costs might include:

  • Costs of a co-ordinator, normally drawn from the Fellowship, who works with us and the partner for the duration of the partnership.
  • Costs of a researcher to draw together the findings and recommendations.
  • Printing and distribution of one or more publications.
  • Running of a conference or series of workshops/seminars to deliver/launch the recommendations.

Follow-up funding for implementation of recommendations

Many Fellows work in charities and voluntary groups where the innovative solutions with which they return can make a significant difference. Often the barrier to implementation is cost and increasingly we are working with partners who are able to offer Fellows the opportunity to apply for follow-up funding. 

We are always open to new styles of partnership, as well as the above. If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with us, please contact us.