Press coverage

Sending out a press release on your return to the UK can help to promote your findings and recommendations, as well as helping to ensure that as many people as possible hear about the Fellowship opportunity.

It’s up to you when you write this; you might want to get it sent out while the experience of the Fellowship is still fresh, or you may prefer it to coincide with the publication of your Fellowship Report.

Your press release should be 300-400 words and it should include the following:

  • Where you are from
  • Your profession and the name of your current employer
  • Where you travelled and how long you were there
  • The aims of your Fellowship
  • Any relevant newsworthy hook i.e. a topical angle or current statistic, if appropriate
  • What you did during your Fellowship, who you met and what you observed
  • Your findings and recommendations from your Fellowship
  • A quote from you regarding the trip
  • Your plans now you are back in the UK

We will review your press release before publishing it, and may edit it or ask for further information where we feel this is necessary. We withhold the right not to publish content that is submitted.

Please also send us a list of publications relevant to your Fellowship, including regional and specialist sector press. If you have any photos from your trip or related to your project that could be offered to the press, please also send us these.

Once your press release is completed, we will send it out to relevant publications. Please let us know if you are contacted by the media, or if you receive press coverage.

Submit a press release