Churchill Central - the new website for all things Churchill

Published: 20 Jan 2015

Author: Helen Aherne
Churchill Central - the new website for all things Churchill

To mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's death, a new website, Churchill Central, has launched.

Churchill Central
 will be the definitive web resource for information about the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

The website will be a hub that will allow people to explore information from many Churchill-related organisations, all in one place. 

Special features of the site include:

  • a timeline - allowing people to navigate their way through all of the key years in his long and varied life
  • a calendar listing current exhibitions, lectures and events, to commemorate and celebrate his life and achievements
  • an online treasure hunt (add in a link here when it goes live) to help increase peoples’ knowledge and understanding of Churchill
  • quizzes
  • quotes

We will be holding many of our own exciting events for Fellows and for the public throughout the year, to mark our own 50th anniversary (keep checking back for more information as it is confirmed).