Could wolves, bears and lynx be reintroduced to the Scottish countryside?

Published: 5 Jan 2014

Author: Joanne Foo
Could wolves, bears and lynx be reintroduced to the Scottish countryside?

Jo Foo, a Science Educator from Glasgow, has recently returned from a seven week Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship across North America. The aim of her trip was to see how North America tackles the challenges that come when humans coexist with reintroduced wildlife such as wolves, bears and lynx.

Jo visited many of the USA’s most famous National Parks such as Yellowstone in Wyoming, and The Grand Canyon in Arizona, as well as Wolf Park in Indiana, and the Great Bear Rainforest.

She worked with conservationists and people local to the habitats of these animals, in order to understand the social and economic impacts of wildlife reintroductions on local communities, and to gain first-hand knowledge in this controversial field of predator conservation, in order to provide a platform for informed discussion and debate about ‘re-wilding’ the UK.

 Jo met some of the world’s leading wolf biologists at the International Wolf Symposium in Minnesota. At Yellowstone National Park, Jo had the opportunity to spend time with Rick McIntyre and Dan Stahler from the Yellowstone Wolf Project, and many of the volunteers who dedicate their time to watching the wolves of the park and educating visitors who travel there.  She was particularly interested in hearing Dan’s practical and rational opinions on wolf conservation in a time where emotions are running high as the US Government decides whether removing the grey wolf from the Endangered Species List is the correct next step. 

In the Great Bear Rainforest, Jo spent time helping the team at Pacific Wild develop their education programme and learned about their attempts to conserve the species in this remote part of the world.

Back in the UK, Joanne develops educational science activities for people of all ages, and has over 8 years of experience in Science Education at Glasgow Science Centre. She has already begun to use her Fellowship findings to present workshops for their Natural Scotland event.

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