Edinburgh physician awarded Churchill Fellowship

Published: 22 Mar 2016

Edinburgh physician awarded Churchill Fellowship

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, in partnership with the The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, has awarded a Travelling Fellowship to Dr Alan Jaap, a consultant physician from Edinburgh.

Dr Jaap works for NHS Lothian and is also the Director of final year at The University of Edinburgh Medical School.

He will be going to the Netherlands and the USA to investigate ways of improving new doctors' readiness for the workplace and patient safety.

With the NHS under increasing pressure to find savings without compromising on patient experience, there is a real need for fresh perspectives on existing problems.

Dr Alan Jaap explained:

“Newly qualified doctors continue to report feeling poorly prepared and stressed during the first few months of work; a time also associated with an increase in critical incidents and concerns over patient safety. Redefining curricular competencies in terms of critical workplace tasks shows great promise in improving both preparedness for practise and patient safety. The main aim of my Fellowship project is to develop and implement this concept for final year medical students in Scottish medical schools”.

Julia Weston, Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust said:

“Churchill Fellows travel globally and return with innovative ideas and a commitment to sharing their findings to help others in the UK”.

Elaine Tait, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh said:

“Through his Fellowship, Dr Jaap will experience first-hand some of the approaches used abroad to give doctors a better start in their profession, and translate these back to the UK.”

This is the second year of a partnership with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

Notes to Editors:

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh is an independent clinical standard-setting body and professional membership organisation, which continually aims to improve and maintain the quality of patient care. Founded in 1681, the College supports and educates doctors in the hospital sector throughout Scotland and around the world with over 12,000 Fellows and Members in 91 countries, covering 30 medical specialties. They will support in partnership with us one Fellowship for a doctor per year in our three year Patient Care project, and help us disseminate the findings.