Fellowships awarded in Early Years Prevention & Intervention

Published: 16 Mar 2016

Fellowships awarded in Early Years Prevention & Intervention

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has just awarded 10 Travelling Fellowships to people working in Early Years prevention and intervention in partnership with The Dulverton Trust and Wave Trust.

The NSPCC estimates that 1 in 5 children today have experienced serious physical abuse, sexual abuse or severe physical or emotional neglect*. These children are far more likely to go on to suffer poor mental and physical health, as well as higher levels of unemployment and poverty.

The Churchill Fellows will investigate approaches that have brought positive change to the lives of the at-risk children and families in other countries, returning with new solutions to the issues facing UK society.

This year’s recipients include:

  • Dr Suzanne Smith, from Huddersfield, who is Assistant Director of Nursing with the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. She will be travelling to Canada and the USA to study approaches to primary prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • Dr Kerry Taylor, a Clinical Director with Brighton Parent Infant Psychological Therapy. She will be travelling to the USA to examine ways of developing preventative mental health with babies and their parents.
  • Dr Jill Domoney, a clinical psychologist from London, who will be going to Australia to research ways of integrating research, practice and service development in perinatal mental health.
  • Dr Jenny Griffiths, a clinical psychologist and infant mental health specialist from Bishopston. She will be going to Australia and the USA to explore ways of helping infants traumatised by family violence.
  • Dr Kathryn Hollins, a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist from Bookham. She will be going to Scandinavia and the USA to explore best practice in enabling parents to meet children’s emotional needs.
  • Yvonne Osafo, a psychotherapist from Mitcham, who will be travelling to Norway, Sweden and the USA to seek out best practice in Parent Infant Psychotherapy (PIP).
  • Suzanne Churcher, a speech and language therapist from Alton, who will be travelling to Australia to investigate the impact of early intervention with children with Speech Sound Disorder.
  • Geraldine Leydon, from Stockport, who is a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She will be travelling to Germany and New Zealand to investigate excellent practice for two year olds in schools and nurseries.
  • Emma Rogers, a victim support worker from Christchurch, who will be going to Australia and the USA to explore the role of doulas in empowering vulnerable pregnant women.


This is the second year of a partnership with Wave Trust and The Dulverton Trust.

Julia Weston, Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust said:

“Churchill Fellows travel globally and return with innovative ideas and a commitment to sharing their findings to help others in the UK. Through their projects, our Early Years Fellows will be helping to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children, their families and their communities.”

Notes to Editors:

Wave Trust

Wave Trust works to break the damaging cycles of family dysfunction and child maltreatment through research, advocacy and implementation of a primary prevention approach – preventing harm before it happens. 

The Dulverton Trust

The Dulverton Trust is an independent grant-making charity that award grants to a wide range of national or multi-regional charities operating mainly in England, Scotland or Wales. It is particularly interested in supporting charities carrying out practical early years intervention. 

*NSPCC: How Safe are our Children? (2013)