Funded Travelling Fellowships to widen access to music

Published: 11 Jun 2015

Funded Travelling Fellowships to widen access to music

In 2016, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust will be investing over £1.34 million in British citizens, by awarding up to 150 Travelling Fellowships.

This will directly support British citizens who want to travel overseas to gain knowledge, experience and best practice to benefit others in their UK professions and communities, and society as a whole.

In partnership with The Finzi Trust, we will be awarding a small number of Travelling Fellowships as part of the 2016 Education category to widen the access to music, and the application process is now open.

Whether you're an amateur or trained musician, this offers you the opportunity to seek out examples of good music education practice globally. The emphasis should be on projects that will provide greater diversity of musical opportunity for dissemination to communities across the UK. Fellows awarded in this category will also hold Finzi Scholarships, established to further the music, ideals and work of the English composer Gerald Finzi (1901-1956).  Possessing a musical foundation, these are arts-based in the widest sense and awarded to those wishing to broaden their horizons or take a new path.

This collaboration is the third of a three year partnership between the two Trusts.

Jeremy Clack travelled to Venezuela in 2008 to study music teaching techniques. He based himself at the Simon Bolivar Conservatorio of Music from where he also visited music schools in the slums.

Since his return Jeremy has been able to put to use many of the techniques he learnt. Not long after returning he led an Easter music course in Kent and put into practice the Venezuelan methodology, with outstanding results. In particular, 20 beginner trumpet players learnt how to play in an 80 piece symphony orchestra in less than four days. This proved, to Jeremy's delight, that the system works and can be applied anywhere.

As well as the practical implementation, Jeremy has been able to feed his experiences into national level discussions on establishing a music education system similar to the one he witnessed in Venezuela. He feels confident that he will be able to make a great contribution to developments in this field, especially in deprived areas.

Jeremy said of his Fellowship, ‘It has been a life changing experience, even more so than I imagined. My views on music and teaching have been turned around completely...'

Amongst those travelling this year in this category is Jennifer Adams, from Stepps in North Lanarkshire, who is Director of Learning and Engagement with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. She will be travelling to Austria, Finland, Germany and Spain to develop an understanding of differing educational practices across four orchestras.

Successful applicants must demonstrate the commitment, the character and the tenacity to travel globally in pursuit of new and better ways of tackling a wide range of current challenges facing the UK, and upon their return work to transform and improve aspects of today’s society.

A travelling sabbatical for people with the drive, determination and desire to help others, can further their leadership and role model abilities.

Employees who are awarded Fellowships bring great benefits to their employers, not only in terms of the beneficial impact of their personal development, but also with the advantage of their enhanced knowledge, new ideas and examples of best practise that they bring back to the organisation.

Applications are judged purely on project merit, and these opportunities are available to UK residents over the age of 18, of any ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Successful applicants will receive an average Fellowship grant of over £6000, covering return airfare, daily living costs, insurance and travel within the countries being visited, for approximately 6 weeks overseas.

Notes to Editors:

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established shortly after Sir Winston’s death in 1965, as his national memorial and living legacy. Since then it has awarded over 5100 Travelling Fellowships.

The application process for travel in 2016 is now open, and there are 11 varied categories in which people can apply.

Churchill’s beliefs and passions are still living on through our Fellows – who are remarkable yet ordinary individuals, representing a wide range of backgrounds, qualifications, interests and professions, but sharing the desire to do something for the improvement of British life and their fellow man.

The deadline for the 2016 applications is 5pm on 22nd September 2015.

In total 150 Fellowships were awarded in the UK in 2015, an investment of over £1.34 million. The Fellows are currently travelling to 58 countries between them, across 6 continents, carrying out a wide range of projects.

To maximise the impact of our Fellowships we have developed partnerships with other organisations, focused on specific areas of concern and relevance for the UK today. Lessons learnt from overseas travel are effectively coordinated and disseminated, and incorporated into best practice in the UK for the benefit of others in similar communities and professions.

The Finzi Trust

Founded in 1969, the Finzi Trust seeks to further the work and ideals of the composer Gerald Finzi.  With his wife Joy, herself an artist and poet, Finzi actively encouraged individual expressive creativity in all its forms.  The Finzi Trust seeks to bring a similar breadth of vision and interest to its support for individuals and organisations in their musically based activities.

Contact the Finzi Trust – [email protected]