Social media toolkit for announcing your Fellowship


On Thursday 5 March WCMT will announce this year’s 141 new Churchill Fellows. On that day we would encourage you to share your news on social media as much as you can – it’s good publicity for your project and also helps to encourage other people to apply for these Fellowships. This page serves as a guide to help you share your exciting news.

Social media activities

  • Please follow us on Twitter @wcmtuk and repost or comment on what we’re saying on 5 March.
  • When posting on social media, make sure you tag @wcmtuk and use the hashtag #ChurchillFellows2020.
  • In your posts, you might include information about your project, what impact you hope to have in the UK on return, and the countries you will be visiting. For example: I’m excited to announce that I am one of the #ChurchillFellows2020 and will be visiting XX to explore XX. I hope to use my findings to XX. @wcmtuk
  • You can also link to our news story on 5 March.

Standard phrases you could use about WCMT

  • The Churchill Fellowships fund UK citizens from all parts of society to travel the world in search of innovative solutions for today’s most pressing problems, with the aim of inspiring change within their professions and communities across the UK.
  • This year’s 141 Churchill Fellows will receive grants totalling over £1,050,000 and travel to 51 countries across 6 continents. The full list of Fellows and their projects is available at from 5 March.
  • Applications for next year’s Fellowships will open on 30 April 2020, for travel in 2021. Everyone can apply, regardless of age, qualifications or background, as long as they are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over.


  • WCMT has sent out press releases to the traditional media, under embargo until announcement day (5 March).
  • We can send these to your media contacts too, if you would like to send us their email addresses (send these to [email protected]).

Advice available

  • There is lots of useful advice on publicity on the Fellows’ Resources area of our website.
  • If you need any individual advice about publicity or media during the announcement period, please email [email protected].
  • We will offer more long-term advice for publicising your Fellowship at the new Fellows seminars in March – see you then!