Calum Handforth

Email [email protected]
Region Greater London
Association Greater London Association

Calum travelled to meet with governments in Norway, Estonia and Singapore to learn how they are using data, digital, and technology to deliver better public services. During his research, Calum was also a civil servant in the UK government, where he managed primary and secondary legislation, including legislation facilitating the roll-out of digital infrastructure. He worked as a policymaker on UK and EU policy, and also worked in the UK tax and customs authority’s Behaviour Change Team, where he ran one of government’s largest Randomised Control Trials. Prior to joining the civil service, Calum worked with the Labour Party. He was one of the first accredited UK ‘Experts’ for the NationBuilder data and community organising platform that grew out of the Obama 2008 Presidential campaign. He also worked as a strategy consultant for international development and civil society organisations.