Chloe Reeves

Region South East
Association South East Association

Buurtzorg is a community-based healthcare organisation that originated in the Netherlands and has been gaining prominence within health and care communities around the world. NHS organisations, think tanks and other UK bodies have been exploring how the Buurtzorg models of organisation and care might be implemented here. There’s been particular interest in relation to approaches known as ‘social prescribing’. However, there is a perspective rarely heard from... those within the third sector who work in partnership with Buurtzorg services, its clients and staff, and who will be critical to its success in the UK. My research looks at how Buurtzorg interfaces with third sector organisations and groups in the Netherlands and Sweden, and considers the implications of this learning for UK social prescribing. My aim is to support informed and collaborative conversations about person-centred care, particularly the Buurtzorg model, across the sectors.