Evelyn Wardle-Sharp

Region South East
Association South East Association
Blog https://evelynsharpwcmt.blogspot.com/

In 2019 I travelled to the USA to research the use of performing arts to help people heal from the effects of trauma. At the time of my fellowship I was employed as a Specialist Trauma Therapist at a domestic abuse charity in Brighton and Hove. I applied for a Fellowship because I wanted to explore how the arts could be used to support psychological recovery for those affected by trauma, such as violence and abuse. During my Fellowship, I spent six weeks in the USA visiting projects who use performing arts to facilitate healing from trauma. Since returning, I oversaw the development of a music therapy project for survivors of domestic abuse and have also become a Senior Mental Health Practitioner for a new schools-based Mental Health Support Team. I am thrilled that my Fellowship report has now been published and I am very excited to continue implementing the learning in the UK.