Heather-Jane Gray

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Passionate CEO, Synergy Global - leveraging wisdom to make the world a better place. Harkness Fellowship for exceptional achievement @ UC Berkeley - researched Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change, with Fortune 100 firms (UK/USA). 2000, honoured as Churchill Fellow, researching Successful Virtual Teams (UK/AUS/NZ). OD Expertise: 1) Vision/Strategy; Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change 2) Exec Coaching & Developing High Performing Virtual Teams 3) Creative Comms & Conflict Resolution for Innovation (VUCA) 4) Simplification/Optimisation; Empowering Ideas into Action 5) Stakeholder Engagement, Motivation & HR/OD Issues (FCPHR) Public Health CEO: National Sports Medicine Institute, promoting safer exercise - local participants to elite athletes. Largest Sports Med Library (EU); Corp. Gov & London’s Olympic bid (2012). Dual Citizen: Living between Victoria, AUS & East Sussex, UK. Love nature, walking/golf, diving, skiing, music, travel & The Arts.