Jenny Tillotson

Region East Anglia
Association East Anglia Association

Jenny Tillotson is the Founder and inventor of eScent and Winston Churchill Fellow (2013) developing biofeedback tools to reduce stress and stigma associated with mental ill-health. With over 18 years working at the intersection of wearable technology, smell and fashion, Jenny is also a Visiting Scholar in the Institute of Biotechnology at Cambridge University, Fellow of the RSA, Associate of the British Society of Perfumery and the driving force behind eScent. Her work introduces a new sensation and dynamic to the wearable technology sector. Embedded discreetly in "smart" jewellery and clothing, eScent® offers a unique personalised scent experience, triggered by specific situations. It forms a localised 'scent bubble' around your face; providing an area of constant, detectable scent for the user based on biosensors, timer or other stimuli such as programmed from a smartphone

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