Jeremy Marchant-Forde


I am a Research Animal Scientist with the USDA-ARS based in West Lafayette, Indiana at the Livestock Behavior Research Unit. I have researched welfare and behavior of pigs and dairy cattle for 25 years, following my PhD on sow welfare at the University of Cambridge. I have worked mainly in the UK (11 years) and the US (14 years), with research visits to Denmark and Canada. My major research interests include social and maternal behavior of sows, the manipulation of pig behavior by diet and factors influencing piglet mortality. I also have a major interest in the development of novel indicators of animal welfare, and actively engage in inter-disciplinary studies allied to the concept of One Health, collaborating with kinesiology and pharmacology researchers. I am the author/editor of 3 books and 190 refereed articles and abstracts on farm animal welfare and my research has attracted over $7.5 million. I am the current SVP of the International Society for Applied Ethology.