John Austin

Email [email protected]
Region East Anglia
Association East Anglia Association

I am a transport geographer and an international transport expert - particularly in traveller information and media for public and multimodal passenger transport. With over 20 years as a transport consultant and a further 6 working for a major bus and coach operator I have specialist expertise in the different operating environments, systems, policy contexts and business drivers all involved in the industry. My experience and knowledge covers all continents, including not only the developed world but also much personal experience of mass transit in megacities in Africa and Asia. I have recently (2019) been accredited as a Chartered Geographer - CGeog (Econ). My Churchill Fellowship in 2000 was a significant step in this journey of developing expertise. I am also an experienced writer and handbook compiler, and have authored, or made major contributions, to several significant publications in the field of passenger transports.